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Rv Bin Lahej is an expert Rv maintenance and RV parts Motor home and Travel trailer dealer with a personal touch and years of experience. We are a company offering a range of fully-equipped Travel trailers and motorhomes with the best prices – the ideal vehicles for self-driven adventures across GCC. Or wherever you want to go, travel in style with RV Bin Lahej.

Making Your Getaway Great

From humble beginnings, Emirati owner Jamal Bin Lahej have transformed his business into an accredited fleet of latest-model RVs. And Rv parts With innovative features designed to make life on the road as comfortable as possible, including a range of kitchen essentials and quality linen, the RV Bin Lahej fleet is modern and luxurious.
Whether you are planning a romantic weekend away for two, a trip with friends or an action-packed family holiday, we offer a range of vehicles and all kinds of requirements.
We have helped thousands of Rv Owners experience the unique terrain of UAE and its exceptional tourism operators and attractions, providing them with the ultimate freedom and flexibility to travel as they choose.

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Our Story

Jamal Bin Lahej established the business as a hobby after camping  across the GCC  in an RV. he enjoyed the self-driven and the  experience so much that, upon returning to his home Dubai, he purchased his first RV .

Over the years, the company expanded from Dubai to All GCC , giving visitors the opportunity to explore further and enjoy unforgettable encounters in locations all over the country.

WITH RV BIn Lahej , RVs continues to provide safe and reliable vehicles to both international visitors and Local wanting to explore their own beautiful backyard. In addition to renting motorhomes, they are happy to share their expert advice and passion with fellow self-driven holiday enthusiasts.

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Visit us and enjoy a wide colocation of Rv parts and all you need for the best camping trip ever 


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Your Rv . Our passion


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